February 2007

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Dear Real Traveller,

As our Yellowstone Cross-Country Ski Safari begins, we are grateful for the snow we have been enjoying all winter long.

Still actively playing in the winter wonderland of the Pacific Northwest, we're already looking ahead to summer...spending time in Washington state's famous archipelago, the San Juan Islands, kayaking with Orca Whales, camping under the Minnesota stars, and paddling through the ancient wilderness of British Columbia's Gwaii Hanaas National Park.

Don't get left behind when the Summer Blitz is here - make your travel plans now, Early Birds! Contact us today to make your travel dreams come true!

Sandy Braun, Director
Alice Tew, Adventure Team

Summer Splashes
Boundary Waters Canoeing
Canoe Silhouette

Canoe Expedition for Women
Eight exciting days in Minnesota's Sawbill National Forest: endless canoe routes, swimming, bird-watching and fishing opportunities abound - each lake and activity as spectacular as the next!
Aug 11 - 18, 2007


Limited to 8 women!

Queen Charlottes Mothership Voyage
Haida Totems

Perfect for a group of friends!
A one-of-a-kind experience in Gwaii Haanas National Park, National Geographic's #1 National Park in North America! Visit with Haida storytellers, spot wildlife in the old- growth forests and marine wilderness, and enjoy the freedom of kayaking to hidden coves and tranquil beaches from your live-aboard mothership!
July & August 2007 - $2195

What is Mothership Kayaking?

San Juan Islands, WA
3-day Whale Watch Paddles (May - Sept)
Orca Kayaking

3 Styles of 3-Day Trips!
There's nothing like it - sea kayaking while eye level with an Orca Whale! Join us in the sunny San Juan Islands, the jewels of the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy day paddles from your comfortable base camp OR pack up your gear for expedition-style overnights. Great food and plenty of wildlife: seals, whales, eagles, porpoise, otter and sea birds.
No experience needed!

All Women: Base Camp - $475
Coed: Base Camp - $475
Coed: Short Expedition - $495

6-day Kayak Expedition for Women
San Juan Sunset

Learn or improve your sea kayaking and navigation skills on the lesser-visited isles, the true jewels of the Pacific Northwest! Paddle to secret coves and forested inlets where only a kayak can go. All Women. No experience needed. $859
July 15-20
Aug 12-17
Sept 9-14

6-Day Multi-Sport: Hike, Bike & Sea Kayak for Women
Biking San Juans

Six sunny days island hopping to experience the biggest and the best of the San Juan Islands: Paddle among marine wildlife to hidden beaches and quiet coves, hike through old-growth forests to summit the highest mountain in the islands, and bike a full day along rolling, pastoral hillsides! All Women. No Experience Needed. $995

Jul 22-27, Jul 29-Aug 3, Aug 19-24, Sept 2-7

NEW Trips!
Laos & Cambodia:
Cultural Immersion and Multi-Sport for Women

Laos Boatmen

A once-in-a-lifetime 22-day cultural immersion on the Mekong through Northern Laos and the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Enjoy kayaking, bicycling, hiking, riverboat tours of stilt- villages, and jungle treks to hidden temples with expert bilingual guides.
Oct 28 - Nov 19, 2007

8-day Cultural Immersion & Classic Safari for Women

Tatog woman

Immerse yourself in the Maasai, Totog and Hadzabe culture. Non-contrived interaction with local tribesman and women followed by a 3-day safari viewing wildlife in the top game parks. Tier-priced: $2720 - $2839
Sept 2 - 9, 2007

Optional Extensions:

Rwanda Gorilla Trek
Tropical Zanzibar

Fall Preview
Bhutan: The Dragon Kingdom
Tatog Woman

Enjoy 15 days in-country in this extraordinary kingdom nation of the Himalayas. Learn Bhutan's customs and traditions by visiting traditional farmhouses adorned with prayer flags, attending celebration festivals, and hiking Bhutan through breathtaking bamboo and pine forests! $3575
Oct 23 - Nov 9, 2007

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